It’s vacation time in Madrid: as every year, King Felipe VI, his wife Letizia and their two daughters Leonor and Sofia, have left the capital to head to Palma de Mallorca, where they must take a few days off. A well-deserved rest, but that did not exempt them from a little public outing on Monday: visiting a monastery, they attracted all the attention!

the Spanish royal family’s vacation has finally begun! As they do every year, King Felipe VI, his wife Letizia and their two daughters have flown to Mallorca, where they are expected to spend several weeks resting from a busy year.

But there’s no question of them losing their good habits and staying cooped up within the Palace walls: they went to visit the Valldemossa monastery as a family, giving locals a chance to get to know them and realize that the two teenagers are now taller than their mother

Arriving with their parents, Infanta Leonor (16 and a half) and her younger sister Sofia (15) looked very relaxed in their light-colored dresses and their ever-present platform sneakers on their feet. The eldest, in a short dress by Sfera, caused a sensation and posed for a long time with her father, as the official heiress. However, the heiress looks more and more like her mother and is becoming her spitting image.

And she is now taller than her mother: perched on small platform heels, Leonor is now a few centimeters taller than her mother. Quite tall, she was however surpassed some time ago by her sister, Sofia, who at 15 seems to be on her way to following in her father’s footsteps (1.93 m!) With her long legs, the teenager chose a pale pink dress from Zara (49 euros) and didn’t even need heels to look much taller than the other women in her family.

A smiling teenager, she is definitely revealing herself more and more this summer: at 15, she went on her first official missions alone, with her sister, in Spain or abroad. Highly appreciated, she could occupy a real place as she grows up, in the Spanish democracy. In any case, one senses that the two young girls have already been well trained by their mother: Letizia, quite appreciated by the public opinion in spite of some scandals, watches over her daughters so that they are the ideal heirs.

As always, the queen looked magnificent: with a white and green skirt and sandals, the sovereign was au naturel, far from her eternal sneakers – a look that we love and perfectly suited to a day on vacation!

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